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To save the e-registration document, you need to have the following things on you. i) Internet connection ii) thumb scanners / finger scanners (biometric device) in accordance with the division`s specifications. iii) WebCam iv) Printer v) Unique identification ID (adle hair card) of all parties as well as identifiers. (vi) Stamp duty and registration fees must only be paid online (by e-challan/single receipt) via the GRAS portal. Note: The document is recorded in the template/format provided by the department. Fees can be paid online/cash, if possible, just choose your option. RENT AND OTHER CONDITIONS After entering property information, parts and document identifiers, click «Add rental and other term» button. Mention in «period» the duration of the lease in the months concluded. This period must not exceed 60 months. In the «De» column, enter, using the calendar, the date from which the lease takes effect. This date must not be more than 4 months later than the date of signing the holiday and license agreement. If you have already paid the amount per e-payment, include in the columns the government reference number (NRM) received and the date of payment; or use the «Pay Now» option and transfer stamps and registration fees online.

Click «Check» and make sure you`ve made the payment. In the «Deposit Executed At location» column, you indicate the place/village in which the document is executed. In the «Deposit/non-refundable) column, when you enter the amount, the deposit payment details column is displayed; Enter the deposit information. If the deposit is not included in the transaction, don`t enter anything in the Deposit column. If you click in the «Character» box in the Terms of Selection field, the terms of liability will be displayed for maintenance costs. Read carefully and choose the condition of your agreement. It is obligatory to choose a condition. After selecting the terms of the maintenance fee, click the «Show the selected conditions and conditions» button and view the terms chosen. The information you fill out about the property, the parts and identifiers as well as the conditions chosen for the maintenance costs will be used for the preparation of the document.

After selecting the conditions, click the «ENREGISTRER» button. Document Design After Receiving a Message «Successfully Send Click `Project View Document. The draft holiday document and licensing agreement, based on the information you have entered, will be consulted. Read this document carefully. If you want to make corrections, make the necessary corrections with the «Back» button. EXECUTION Once you feel satisfied that the document matches your expectations, click the «Run» button.